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In Cultutopia, fan clubs for idols and superstars are illegal.

Everyone is free from religious control; you can practice your own belief as you want.

Different colleges specialize in different occupations; liberal arts education can only be accessed during the freshman year. Transfer from one college to another is relatively easy.

Cultural difference is understood and respected; the social values are liberal and humanitarian, which manifests in people who are open-minded and willing to serve. There's an annual Worldwide Service Day. There's also an authoritative list of 120 options of service that can be chosen. Everyone should conduct a new service every year, and his/her performances will be recorded. Such record helps to determine the moral credit of a person.

Law is open for public editing, as long as the new addition pass the vote of 1/2 Cultutopians . Each person can initiate a new addition every 5 years.

Death penalty is legal.

Cameras are on every street.

There are local supervision offices for supervising racial/ethnical discrimination in every town. Anyone who feels offended by others has the right to report an offense. Both the accuser and the defendant will be examined by the lie detector; the punishment will be both financial and physical.

Wild animals are separated from human's living areas. Only professional scholars/ documentary makers can get into their zones.

The number of personal cars of an individual is limited to 3. If a car owner takes public transportation for once, he/she will accumulate 1 point moral credit.

Along with academic&work history and performance, moral credit is used as a standard for job selection and appointment.