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Utopia is ECLECTIC and everybody doesn't do the same jordan heels for sale

All or any architecture is different from one other.

Everyone is rich including the environment and other animals.

The flag of utopia should be a bicycle. EXERCISE, NOT POLLUTING, AND SAVING MONEY, efficient perfect design. Cars are dystopian in this respect.

In design a Utopian item is like a Swiss army knife with many functions and built without planned obsolescence and to give as many benefits as possible as opposed to any bad side effects. see comparison of cars to bikes. Design is customizable and able to be printed out of recycled materials or inflatable or extruded clay, 3d printed solar fused sand (glass), etc, etc

Permaculture is Utopian. Food can easily be everywhere.

The internet is Utopian.

The quickest way to have a Utopia would be for the federal reserve conjure a million dollars or more for every american citizen and deposit it into each persons bank account (instead of depositing it in the banks bank account, loaned into existence and exponentially multiplied as is done now.) and make inflation illegal. Make resources abundant and truly scarce resources (after all ingenuity)can inflate in price.

Marijuana is Utopian It cures cancer and 16 other diseases, and should be legal to consume and grow.

In Utopia all of your wildest dreams will come true, providing they don't hurt anyone else. This is practical. This is possible. We will have the choice to live lives of adventure if we so choose.

College is free and indefinite if desired.

Funding for projects is easy. Resources are made abundant through ingenuity.

Medical care is free, because PAYING FOR YOUR LIFE IS RANSOM, and medical knowledge is the legacy of all humanity. Selling organs is illegal and so should it be illegal for a doctor to sell your own organs to you.

As another small example: Baking soda is Utopian it has 1000 uses it is non toxic.

City streets should be closed to cars, shipping in lighter than air dirigible packages. or pneumatic tubes.

Pneumatic tubes replace street trash cans and everything is recycled by being siphoned off into tubes for cycling back to raw materials.

All electricity should be wireless, solar and wind and electric. Nuclear power plants that are built for 50 years but can poison for millions is dystopian. Coal is dystopian: causes cancer, hurricanes, drought, mountain destroying, water poisoning.

Everything must be renewable.

Non recyclables are eaten by trash eating bacteria (existing)

All Minerals are mined from de-salination processes.

The use of petroleum should be illegal. Airplanes will be lighter than airships (but shaped and functioning like airplanes, (existing)), Spaceships will be Kevlar inflatable solar sail ships with cycling ecosystems aboard launched from the very upper atmosphere, not the ground with a swimming pools worth of toxic fuel as is done now.

Buildings are preferably not rectangles with triangles on top, this is an inferior design and easily collapsible. Round shapes with bubble windows for instance will stand up to hurricanes and earthquakes.

All rooftops in cities must be farmed or gardened if otherwise unused.

Prisons should be mental institutions where people regain their pride in humanity through study and arts while being separated from society temporarily. Permanent separation from society for truly abhorrent crimes, but still not conditions of torture or unnecessary discomfort.

Wind turbines which collect 16 gallons of water per day from condensation (existing)should green the desert and provide abundant electricity to new residents.