Utopia without government change

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Creating Utopia in america with no need for change in laws or government.

Corporations are governments. Lawyers and lobbyists are the adapters. Under current local laws whatever they may be just like any other suburban street, but in a place with relaxed building codes. (or floating 3d printed balloon cities.)

A successful company which is worker owned buys a large lot of beautiful land near a city and a mountainous region. A low income apartment complex is built by 3d printing houses in any shape imaginable covered in gardens of every useful plant which can produce food sold in farmers markets in nearby towns. Solar wind and hydro power=free electricity. Communal workshops, art studios, pottery, 3d printers, bio labs, science labs, green houses for winter, with solar hot tubs in them. Freshwater pool, waterfall, Rain collection and filtration. Recycling into 3d printed inflatables and dirigibles. Lazier people can pay drastically higher rent, but a lower rent requires more community up keep and 3d house building, cob house building, earth ship building, tree house building, sculpture, gardening, (fun). Bike roads that go far purchased/ reconstituted from defunct rail lines. No sprawl. No normal. No ugly dystopia. Gaudi-like, Buckminster Fuller-like, bubble-house-like, Any design imaginable but if it is too ugly it can be voted out. Convention of discrimination against rectangles with triangles on top. Some people go to work at normal jobs some people work in the company, some people go to school. Every apartment has some private out door space. Strong preferences for natural globular shaped architecture like the architect Xavier Sensosian, but there will be a head house and a salt molecule house, a mountain house, an arm house, basically anyone's fantasy printed out with plumbing and circuitry easily accessible for repairs. A lake with boats, floating bikes...