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LEDA Consitution Cohort 9

LEDA Constitution


With this constitution we, LEDA Scholars, aspire to establish a better community within not only our cohort, but also the world through the practice and sharing of LEDA's core values of excellence, integrity, community, and compassion.

Article I: Structure of Government

At LEDA we believe everyone’s voice should be heard. In order to ensure this, we enforce a direct democracy in which majority rules. Mediators are elected to maintain a peaceful environment in controlled debates; however, they are not given the authority to make executive decisions. Mediators are tasked with regulating discussion, but they are also allowed to voice personal opinions on issues. Official votes are tallied to make final decisions. During times of disagreement, small groups are tasked with determining their own solutions. A representative then presents his or her group’s conclusions on the matter. The presented solutions are voted upon, and majority rules. Appointed secretaries take extensive notes, providing a reference to the decisions made. Everyone is held accountable for his or her behavior during decision-making processes and shows true integrity by accepting consequences resulting from wrongful behavior. The upmost importance is given to the creation and maintenance of our community’s internal trust and honest.

Article II: Core Values

LEDA scholars learn to live upholding certain standards based on four core values: Excellence, Integrity, Compassion, and Community. As LEDA scholars, we pledge to embody these values by fostering efficient, ethical and sustainable leadership. We vow to continuously value each and every individual, whether a member of the LEDA community or not, and to be a body of people respectfully representing and relying upon one another. We support those promoting harmonious, co-existent environments absent of any negativity which could hinder our determination for a better future. Our ideology is to respect others in order to build a community based on love and peace, while embracing hope in our endeavors to reach for a better tomorrow. Not only will we build a community based on appreciation and respect but also a community enhanced by striving for excellence and leadership. Through the encouragement of leadership, LEDA Scholars will change their communities for the better and encourage others to join with them.


To have integrity is to value honesty, accountability, and moral character. Here at LEDA, all scholars are expected to adhere and exemplify integrity in everything they do. We learn the true meaning of integrity by building a community fostered by this principle.


Compassion is the act of evoking change as a result of empathetic sentiments for a person, idea, or issue. LEDA Scholars must first have compassion in order to be effective leaders. One must endeavor to reach an understanding of other’s viewpoints.


To be excellent is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. By holding themselves to a higher standard, LEDA Scholars are expected to find new, innovative ways to make a difference in their community and themselves.


Pluralism takes diversity to the next level by requiring an exchange of dialogue amongst the different communities. LEDA Scholars learn to openly communicate with others and create a diverse world in which pluralism is celebrated.

Open Mindedness

Having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments. It’s easy for one to become stuck in their viewpoints, but LEDA Scholars are receptive to understanding how others think and the reasoning behind their thoughts.

Being Informed

In order to be a leader, one must be cognizant of his or her surroundings and display a knowledge on specific subjects and situations. LEDA Scholars should be knowledgeable on issues concerning their communities.

Willingness to Learn

Leaders should always be aware of their own ignorance and have a hunger to discover that which they do not know. LEDA Scholars should always maintain a drive for learning and an open mind while enhancing their intellect.


The people with common interests living in a particular area. LEDA Scholars are not only expected to foster an efficient community, but also be a part of a larger community. Communities are based upon all the previously listed core values and are shaped by each individual working together as a whole.

Article III Application

LEDA in Self

LEDA Scholars should always hold dear the principles listed in Article II in their daily lives. One must recognize that these values start within and expand to others throughout his or her journey of leadership development.

LEDA at School

When LEDA scholars return home to their communities it is important that they do not lose sight of the values they have learned. If they do not put LEDA’s teachings into practice, the values will be lost. These principles must be actively embodied within our own school communities in order to create new diverse and effective learning environments. One can put these ideals into practice by communicating them to others, starting clubs, taking on leadership positions, motivating others, and leading by example.

LEDA at Home

A LEDA Scholar must practice the principles they learned at home. A LEDA Scholar should not lose sight of what makes them a LEDA Scholar. Being a role model is crucial because it will show others how we have grown into more effective leaders.

LEDA in the Community

All other places where LEDA scholars are found which have not been previously addressed are still a part of our community. Every person one meets provides an opportunity to improve the LEDA network as a whole. It is important for LEDA Scholars to build and maintain a moral compass upon which to build a community structured on the common good.

Article IV: LEDA Relief

As LEDA Scholars, we are expected to work hard, but it’s equally important to play hard. Although a LEDA Scholar must focus on academics and attributes of leadership, a LEDA Scholar must know the fundamentals of having fun. Without removing stress, scholars will become mentally unstable, sleep deprived, unproductive. A LEDA scholars, we must develop ways to relieve stress and enjoy recreational activities with our constituents.

  • Dancing
  • Sports
  • Board Games
  • Stepping
  • Selfie Wars
  • Ninja!!!
  • Waww!!!!
  • Manhunt
  • LEDA Olympics


Without our little sayings, LEDA would not be the same. It is important to use at least one of the following sayings on a daily basis:

  • “Oh nooooo!”
  • “The struggle is real!”
  • “Sleep?
  • “Oh my head!”
  • ”Super Sketch”
  • ”Respectfully Disagree”


Everyone should find a mentor who can teach them the technique of twerking. Moving one’s buttocks in a rhythmic pattern with no worries is symbolic of stress leaving the body of the LEDA Scholar. As we say, “twerking is working”. The act of twerking symbolizes LEDA scholars’ commitment to fun. Although scholars are committed to academic enrichment, they recognize the need to develop healthy social relationships and are always seeking opportunities to socialize and make time to enjoy themselves, putting aside the stresses of every day life.


While there is a leader government, DEHA is the true power in this direct democracy. DEHA stands for “Dictatorship Enterprise for a Homogenous America” and is the alter ego of LEDA. All LEDA Scholars are initiated into this group as a reminder of how not to act when they leave the LEDA program.